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Sustainable Learning

WakiTaki is a Consulting Company concentrating on the Gamification of Learning and donates space and bandwidth for the support of academic communication.

WakiTaki maintains a free Social Media Research and Development portal at for academic research on e-Learning, m-Learning, xAPI, Gamification, VR and AR

Feel free to register for an account, text and communicate and keep up on the latest global perspectives!

Sustainable Real Estate Investment

WakiTaki is home for SharpBnB.  The future of home rentals.

Sustainable Organics

WakiTaki is a Research and Development Company in Sustainable Organic Farming and Food Production

Our Work Process

WakiTaki uses a combination of Project Management, Agile Development and the System’s Approach to Training (ADDIE) to find and solve problems

Project Management

We use PMP principles of Project Management

Agile Development

We make it work for people

Systems Approach to Training

We are the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation experts